Take care of your teeth – like a dentist

By | May 24, 2018

1. Use electric toothbrush

Should you need to use electronics at all, are you wondering now? Why is no longer a good old toothbrush? But it is actually that electric toothbrushes clean up more carefully than manual brushes, just like machine wash is more effective than hand washing. Additionally, is it quite convenient to do the job yourself?

2. Brush your teeth before breakfast

For most of us, it is natural to brush your teeth AFTER we have eaten, to remove food residue and spicy breath. But the fact is that we should turn the routine. As we brush our teeth after a meal, we rub the sugar that is found in many foods even deeper into the teeth, whose enamel can also be sensitive after the acid from fruit and juice softens it. Brush your teeth as soon as you step up instead.

3. Do not brush upside down

When we brush the toothbrush up and down over our teeth, it rips on the gum, which then retracts. And when the gums do not work well, it starts to bleed. Brush instead in circular movements, whether you use a manual or electronic toothbrush. And at least for two minutes – most preferably in five.

4. Brush the tongue

It may feel a bit strange for the first time, but then you get used to it. And the fact is that it’s important. The tongue is like a fungus, which hides a lot of bacteria in its “cracks”. These bacterial collections, in turn, cause bad breath. So take the habit of sweeping the toothbrush above and below the tongue after cleaning your teeth. Or use a so-called heavy scrap, available for purchase at the pharmacy.

5. Use dental floss

Everyone have we received a statement from the dentist or dental hygienist that we have to start flossing? And yes, here’s another one. Research has shown that regular removal of dental floss bacteria can prolong a person’s lifetime for several years, as there appears to be a correlation between gum problems and heart disease. But calm if you do not get every day enough every other day.

6. Do not chew gum longer than ten minutes

No, after ten minutes (or when the taste begins to decline) it is time to spit out the rubber. Otherwise you risk destroying your teeth. The gadgets are designed to break down food – but because the soft chewing gum does not offer any resistance, the teeth blow against each other, like a mortar and mortar without anything. In the worst case, it can cause chips and cracks in the tooth.